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Business Law in a Global Context

Business Law

Doing Business in Canada Support électronique/ PDF

Doing Business in Canada — Your Complete Guide — 加拿大经商法律指南 Support électronique/ PDF in Chinese

Legal Research

The practical guide to Canadian legal research Support papier/ Carswell

Legal research and writing Support électronique/ Irwin Law

The comprehensive guide to legal research, writing & analysis Support papier/ Emond Montgomery

Common Law vs Civil Law

Common law : introduction to the English and American legal systems Support papier/

Elements of Quebec Civil Law: A Comparison with the Common Law of Canada Support papier/

Looking at Law: Canada's Legal System Support papier/ LexisNexis

Legal Drafting - including commercial agreements

Human Rights

International human rights in a nutshell / Support papier West Group

International human rights : text and materials / Support papier Oxford University Press

The Oxford handbook of international human rights law Support papier/ Oxford

Intellectual Property Secured Transactions

Secured transactions in intellectual property : software as collateral Support papier/ LexisNexis Butterworths

Personal property and secured transactions Support papier/ LexisNexis

Secured transactions in personal property : cases, text, and materials Support papier/ Emond Montgomery

Legal Practice in Canada

The legal system of a Common law country : the British legal system, the American legal system, constitutionally protected rights of the USA Support papier/ Dalloz

Looking at Law: Canada's Legal System Support papier/ LexisNexis

Common Law: Introduction to the English and American Legal Systems Support papier/ Dalloz

Western Legal Systems

Comparative Law: Historical Development of The Civil Law Tradition in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia Support papier/ LexisNexis

Common Law: Introduction to the English and American Legal Systems Support papier/ Dalloz

Looking at Law: Canada's Legal System Support papier/ LexisNexis

Law research guide by Country

Law Library of Congress research guide by country Support électronique

U.S. Congressional Publications Support électronique

Canadian and Québec Contract Law

Québec Contract Law Support papier / Wilson & Lafleur

Contrats (contract law)

Common Law Guide Support électronique

International Contracts Law

International contracting : law and practice / Support papier

International commercial agreements and electronic commerce / Support papier Kluwer Law International

The legal environment of business and online commerce : business ethics, e-commerce, regulatory, and international issues / Support papier

International Economic Law

International Economic Crime

Handbook of transnational crime and justice Support papier/ Sage Publications

Corporate crime and accountability in Canada : from prosecutions to corporate social responsibility Support papier/ LexisNexis

Criminal offences and defences Support papier/ LexisNexis

International Mining Law

Contracts Confidential: Ending Secret Deals in the Extractive Industries Support électronique/ Revenue Watch Institute

How to Understand Mining Contracts Support électronique/ Revenue Watch Institute

Enforcing the Rules Support électronique/ Revenue Watch Institute

International Commercial Dispute Resolution

International commercial arbitration and conciliation in UNCITRAL model law jurisdictions Support papier/ Sweet & Maxwell, Thomson Reuters

Transnational litigation and commercial arbitration : an analysis of American, European, and international law Support papier/ DJØF Publishing

International Commercial Arbitration : Different Forms and their Features Support électronique/ Cambridge

Commercial Litigation

International jurisdiction and commercial litigation : uniform rules for contract disputes Support papier / Cambridge University Press

International commercial litigation : text, cases, and materials on private international law Support électronique / Cambridge University Press

Commercial litigation : pre-emptive remedies Support papier/ Sweet & Maxwell

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